Germaine : Crap fucking dog shoe! 

Foamy : What's the problem in here?

Germaine : What the fuck am I doing wrong!?

Foamy : It starts with your hair and works its way down.

Germaine : Seriously, I wanna know what is lacking my writing that keeps it from getting published.

Foamy : Survey says... (A quiz show answer displays the word "talent" in the backgorund) talent.

Germaine : No! seriously take someone like mary shelly who wrote frakenstein in the early 1800s, What is it about that story that has kept it going for 200 years? What elements were in there that made it resonate with the public for over 2 centuries?

Foamy : It had Boris Karloff in it, he was awesome.

Germaine : That was the movies dumbass not the book.

Foamy : Well, maybe that's what you need.

Germaine : Boris Karloff?

Foamy : Or Bela Lugosi.

Germaine : You're not getting it, What makes a writer's work last through the ages? What aspect of their work gets so ingrained into our collective psyche that it remains their for like a hundred years? There's a quintessentail element that seems to be lacking in my work and I just don't know what it is.

Foamy : Fire.

Germaine : Fire? Aaah, so you think I need to be more passionate in my writing.

Foamy : No, I meant actual fire. Seriously just burn up your writings and stop whining!

Germaine : Piss off nut sucker! I don't care how long it takes, I'm gonna analyze every popular novel and poem and see what they have that I don't!

Foamy : Look, I'm all for creative people following their hopes and dreams, but after a while if you haven't made any head way you may have to either figure out what the problem is or try something different.

Germaine : Well I guess I can just write poetry on my ass and post pictures of it on my website.

Foamy : Well, you certainly have a large enough canvas to work with.

Germaine : Damn you and your quick wit!

(The Pizza dude appears in a suit and takes multiple picture of Germaine, then disappears). END CREDITS

Foamy : (Singing) Your writing would be so much better if it wasn't writing at all, and it was a movie or Boris Karloff, Or Bela Lugosi. You need Bela Lugosi or Boris Karloff to have a good book. Oh yeah, are you listening to me? Round the house.

Real-world referencesEdit

When Foamy answers Germaine's question about her poetry not being published, the background quiz show is a reference to the game show "Family Fortune".