Episode 139

Pilz-E confuses the meaning of yet more words.

Cast (in order of appearance): Germaine, Pilz-E


{Germaine is sitting at home watching TV}

Germaine: Dude, I'm so... fucking... bored.

{Pilz-E appears}

Pilz-E: We should go outside and play like monkeys with the cocaine and swing the banana! Swing the banana...

Germaine: I... don't really like going outside.

Pilz-E: Outside is where the air is! It's so nice, and it stays fresh, even in milk! Even in milk...

Germaine: Air's overrated. Foamy thinks I'm agoraphobic, but I just don't like dealing with the people outside.

Pilz-E: I've been a-Gore-aphobic since 19-2000.

Germaine: How can you be an agoraphobic if you just wanted to go outside?

Pilz-E: Well, what are the chances of me meeting Al Gore outside? Very slim.

Germaine: ...What?

Pilz-E: {angrily} I told you! I have a-Gore-aphobia! I have this fear of people named Gore. Al Gore, Tipper Gore, Edward Gorey, {Germaine scratches her vagina} Gore Vidal, Gore Bishop.

Germaine: Agoraphobia is a fear of wide-open spaces, not the fear of people named Gore.

Pilz-E: {angrily} Oh, don't lie with the conspiracy of one! {Points a #1 foam finger at her} Scary is the human named Gore!

Germaine: I'll agree, Al Gore is a bit scary, but nevertheless, agoraphobia is not the fear of people named Gore.

Pilz-E: Geez, how could you be so fucking stupid with a head so large? I mean, does your brain even work?!

Germaine: My brain... {itches vagina again}

Pilz-E: Everyone knows agoraphobia is a fear of Gore, just like arachnophobia is the fear of Iraqis.

Germaine: Ugh, do you know how to do an assisted suicide?

Pilz-E: Not really, but murder is not a problem!

{Cut to Ending Screen}

Pilz-E: {singing} I fear people named Gore, 'cause they say the planet is getting real warm, but I think they're full of shit, they should just quit, ow.

Fun FactsEdit


  • Agoraphobia is actually a fear of having a panic attack somewhere where there is no means of escape, such as in public. Because of this, it is commonly known as fear of the outdoors, not people named Gore.
  • Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders, not Iraqis.

Real World ReferencesEdit

  • Al Gore was vice president to Bill Clinton, and is now dedicated to preventing Global Warming.
  • Tipper Gore is Al's wife, and is known for spending the 80's trying to get music sensored.
  • Edward Gorey was a macabre and gothic illustrator and writer, known for his dark, Victorian-style imagery.
  • Gore Vidal is a well-known American journalist, writer, and political activist
  • Gore Bishop was a general and writer who led American to many victories in World War I
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