4y-Records is a comic strip and animated series about a clerk (usually referred to as "the 4y-Guy") who works at an independent record store and has to deal with the idiocy of his customers. Somewhat like Randal from the movie Clerks, but angrier.


  • Clerk
  • A Cash Register whose sign changes to make comments about the conversation between the clerk and customer.
  • Gloomy Blue
  • Germaine (possibly)
  • Fez
  • Various customers


"Back Catalog of Cartoons":

  1. Track One Low On The High End Since 1985.
  2. Track Two Our Name Is Jonas Since 1985 :
  3. Track Three August 13 2009 Hanging The DJ Since 1985 :
  4. Track Four 2009 Bending It Like Becker Since 1985.
  5. Track Five September 9 2009 Downloaded Out Of Business Since 1985 :
  6. Track Six September 23 2009 Heavily Pixelated Since 1985 :
  7. Track Seven October 7 2009 Laughing At Monkeys In Heaven Since 1985 :
  8. Track Eight 2009 Open Every Friday The 13th SInce 1985 :
  9. Track Nine November 4 2009 Playing The Game Of Life Since 1985 :
  10. Track Ten November 19 2009 Avoiding Chicken Soup Since 1985.
  11. Track Eleven January 20 2010 Part of the Zombie Nation Since 1985.
  12. Track Twelve February 17 2010 Unconcerned About Our Youth Since 1985.
  13. Track Thirteen March 18 2010 Still Alive Since 1985.
  14. Track Fourteen April 14 2010 Every Day Is Record Store Day Since 1985.
  15. Track Fifteen May 13 2010 Uncompressed Since 1985
  16. Track Sixteen June 11, 2010 Staring at the Monster Since 1985
  17. Track Seventeen June 23, 2010 Pumpkin Smashing Since 1985
  18. Track Eighteen July 7, 2010 100101011100 Since 1985
  19. Track Nineteen February 9, 2011 Eating Virgin Prunes Since 1985
  20. Track Twenty April 13, 2011 High and Mighty Since 1985
  21. Track Twenty September 27, 2015 4 The Records Since 1985


In the comic strip, several recognizable characters from other JIM series's can be seen, including Gloomy Blue (who also worked as a clerk in certain strips), and Germaine in younger and older form (though one or both of these may just be people who resemble Germaine, as they could not exist at the same time). Also, the character Fez makes several appearances in the animated series

Germaine also made an appearance in a single panel strip as a starving musician saying "If I was Mariah Carey, you fools would pay me not to sing."

The 4y-Guy made an appearance in the Neurotically Yours comic series. Germaine went to 4y-Records to buy some new music, and he told her that "he will make no physical contact today, she should leave her money by the door, and get the hell out."

He also made a cameo in Dukkha in the background of a club commenting that the music on a record he was holding "sucks monkey."

In the Neurotically Yours animated series, Foamy was once seen in a music store similar to the one in 4-Y, and has mentioned he likes shopping there.

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