"Go home, lady!"

Episode 18


Cast (in order of appearance): Clerk, [Cash Register], Old Woman

{Old woman walks in, Indian music is playing}

[No senior discount]

Old Woman: Hello. I'm looking for something called "DLC" [D-dumb L-lady C-clothes] for game? It's for my grandson's birthday. [Your grandkids hate you]

Clerk: Well, you're in the wrong place.

Old Woman: I don't understand. [No tech for old people]

Clerk: Clearly, you don't. Ugh, DLC is short for "download content," [Age does not denote wisdom] usually additional material for a game you download from the internet through your game console. [Or via file sharing]

Old Woman: Can I do that here? [What's with the Terminator glasses?]

Clerk: No... ya can't!

Old Woman: Where can I do that?

Clerk: At your house. [Senior cyborgs. The geriatric horror]

Old Woman: But I, I was just there.

Clerk: *points* Go home, lady! [It's 2 P.M. you're late for dinner]

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